Monument signs provide a very attractive way to make your company name and branding stand out to the public. It also makes locating your business much easier for both drivers and pedestrians. Regardless of whatever industry or trade you’re involved in a monument sign also gives your building an extra level of significance within your community by creating a mini landmark for people to identify.

A custom designed monument sign can be built to display a wide range of styles and looks and we can utilize a large variety of materials and lighting options to make sure the final product is the perfect addition to your property.

If you have already decided that installing a monument sign is the right step for your company. Here are a few tips to consider when you start the project.

Know Your Goal

You want to know exactly what the new signs intended job is going to be. Who are you targeting specifically? Will it be to identify a new neighborhood or subdivision? Is it for a Long Island shopping center or do you want to stand out to vehicular and pedestrian traffic that may not know you’re there?

Where is your monument sign going?

Obviously the location of any sign is important but making the right decision about the placement of your monument sign is crucial because once its built moving it can be come quite troublesome. You definitely want to make certain that you aren’t building it within the sight triangle of your property or anywhere that will negatively effect drivers vision.

Obtain the proper permits

Monument signs often require a whole different set of permits then traditional hanging signs do. You want to make sure you check with the authorities in your area to find out the specific setbacks, flow lines and square footage that are permitted before you begin construction.

Consider the style of your monument sign

When considering the design make sure to keep your business type and target demographic in mind. You want your sign to represent your business and property well. Pay close attention to the selection of font choice and layout.

Choose the right materials

There are a wide range of building materials available for use on monument signs. The least costly is usually wood but it has the shortest life span. Other popular materials include masonry, aluminum and steel. A sign specialist at Valle Signs & Awnings with discuss your options with you and help you to come up with the best choice for your specific location.

At Valle Signs & Awnings we pride ourselves in creating extremely attractive and cost efficient monument signs for our customers throughout Long Island, and New York City. All of our monument signs are built specifically to showcase your brand. We can customize any project to suit the needs of our customers in any industry you can think of. Call Valle Signs & Awnings today to learn more (516) 408-3440. Visit us on Facebook

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