Custom Channel Letter Signs Help Make Storefronts Stand Out

One of the most crucial marketing investments you can make as a business owner is the sign that hangs outside of your building. It is important to have something that is both eye catching and memorable because it is your customers first impression and it can potentially be seen by thousands of people everyday depending on your location. Using custom designed channel letter signage can even help to transform your business into a local landmark over time! Custom channel letter signs are one of the most popular products we produce because they are competitively priced, easily customizable and when professionally designed can really stand out and make your store front pop!

Here are some things to know if you’re considering a channel letter sign for your building:
Due to the inherent flexibility of channel letter manufacturing, these signs can be fabricated into just about any style, font or shape and in just about any color or size. The biggest obstacle in getting these signs installed is not with design limitations but with making sure the finished product will meet local zoning laws and regulations. We will work with you to make sure we get it right the first time! To maximize visibility we recommend installing your new sign on a solid color background and sizing your lettering 1 1⁄2 inches high for every 25 feet that you would like them to be seen. For example – If you would like passersby to be able to see your sign from the opposite side of a parking lot or street, the characters should be a minimum of 15 inches high.

How are channel letters illuminated?

  1. Front Lit – These are the most frequently used type of channel letters. The lighting comes from the front of the lettering and you will find these commonly installed in outdoor plazas and shopping malls.
  2. Open Face – A style very popular with nightclubs, restaurants and bars. These signs have an open face with no cover and an exposed neon outline around each letter instead of being covered with colored acrylic. Optionally a clear face can be added to protect lighting components from weather damage and pests.
  3. Reverse Lit – Reverse lighting is used to create the effect of a dark letter against a burst of light. The lights are placed at the back of each character or shape.
    Front / Reverse – For a dramatic effect you can combine styles and light up your lettering from both inside and out!

A slightly different approach to channel lettering if you’re interested in another option is to cut out your letters from the background completely to allow both light and sun to shine through the open area. You can utilize channel letters both inside and outside of your business! The fact that they are three dimensional and very bright means they will make a big impression whether you want to light up your storefront or illuminate your restaurants dining area. Aluminum is the most frequently used material in the manufacturing of custom channel letter signs. It is extremely durable, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to work with. It is also fire resistant and easy to take care of. In certain instances it is also possible to use durable plastic.

Go Green and illuminate your new sign with LEDs. They offer impressively bright lighting with high visibility, a broad spectrum of color possibility AND use less power than traditional neon.

How are Channel Letter Signs Mounted?

  1. Raceway – A rectangular mount that also works as an enclosure for your signs electrical components and wiring.
  2. Box – supporting each letter from behind.
  3. Directly to surface – On the exterior of a building or an inside wall.

Channel Letters offer a very useful and effective element to your business that can last for decades! If you’re interested in upgrading your existing signage don’t hesitate to give Valle Signs & Awnings a call today! (888) 254-7322 – 55 Decker St, Copiague NY 11726.

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