5 Steps to deliver the perfect sign

With the internet most of the consumers are shifting their purchases to favor online retail stores, rather than physical storefronts. The availability and convenience of website builders, mobile technology, and e-commerce platforms means it’s easier than ever to buy and sell things online, making it difficult for physical stores to remain competitive. We agree that online stores have many advantages with convenient shipping, lower prices, and wider selection of items. However, the future for physical sign stores is not as bleak as it may seem. Successful signs project starts by understanding your clients’ needs and location. By creating and following series of steps to ensure a perfect sign and a satisfied client. Here are 5 essential steps to deliver the perfect sign

1. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Building and managing customer relationships by creating a one to one relationship with the client to make them feel you are in their shoes. The interation will help to understand what the client is looking for and what the business needs are.

2. Analysis

Discover your client‘s project inspiration and the reason behind the idea that will then lead to inspect and analyze the business premises that will help determine if client’s idea and inspiration will benefit the business.

3. Expectations

Setting realistic deadlines makes it possible to create an effective design and deliver the perfect sign. By setting realistic deadlines, you also give the client the impression that you are a professional sign company who understands the time and effort your project deserves.

4. Sign Permit Process

Before any sign installation the client may need to acquire a permit from the Department of Buildings. There are three different kinds that they issue – Lighted Sign, Construction and Electrical. You usually need to get permits if your sign is larger than six square feet. If your new sign will need electricity to operate you will also need and electrical permit. If the sign will illuminate you will need a permit for that too and will require additional fees. The application for both the construction permit and the illuminated sign permit must be filed with the Department of Buildings’ Borough Office in the borough where the sign is to be installed. Getting A Commercial Sign Permit In New York City

5 Installation and Deliver

The relationship and communications with the client are maintained from the beginning until the end of the project to ensure satisfaction of the completion of the installation of the professional sign and the service delivered.

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