Commercial Awning Long Island

Commercial Awning Long Island

A commercial awning is installed at a large amount of businesses and commercial properties because they are proven to increase foot traffic, and drive up sales. Here are some other ways in which a commercial awning is usually quite effective at improving your business and customer’s experience.

Improve Visibility and Customer Traffic

Adding a commercial awning to your storefront is a great step to take toward making your business stand out and attract passersby. Since awnings will be higher then window signage they can be seen from a great distance. They also have more visibility because they protrude outward from the actual building.

Increase Brand Awareness

Additionally you can even incorporate graphics from your signs onto your new awning and tie all of your marketing together. As a result this will usually only further increase your branding efforts. More people in your area learning about your business will cause more customers to come in the door and from that an increase in sales usually occurs

Create Additional Retail and/or Seating Areas

The addition of an awning to your commercial property will expand your usable space. If it’s a retail shop or a restaurant, having additional room will allow you to sell additional merchandise our service more customers and you don’t need to be as concerned about inclement weather damaging your wares or disturbing customers.

A Commercial Awning Can Reduce Energy Use

During the summer awnings are particularly excellent at keeping heat gain to a minimum and that comes with some pretty surprising savings. By keeping direct sunlight from entering your windows and doors awnings can knock heat gain down by nearly 80%. As a result your air conditioning will run more efficiently and your energy use can be reduced as much as 20%.

Add Additional Lighting for Nighttime Use

By adding a commercial awning to your business you have an additional place to put attractive lighting outdoors. Having additional lighting can be useful for increasing the amount of time customers can utilize that space.

Keep Visitors Comfortable

Having an awning provides an added layer of comfort for your guests. On a hot summer day they can provide much needed shade. On rainy days they can help keep guests dry. You can even mount heaters to help them stay warm too. Customers that are safe from the elements will usually spend more time shopping or dining.

Keep Your Storefront Clean

Another benefit with the installation of an awning is you can also count on your outdoor area staying cleaner. Your storefront will be protected from a range of objects that include:

  • Rain, snow and sleet
  • Falling leaves, pollen and branches
  • Bird droppings

So regardless of what type of business you own the protection of your property’s outdoor area coupled with your customer’s experience is very important. The longer you can keep guests browsing or dining comfortably the better. With the addition of a commercial awning to your building you will be adding space and protecting the property at the same time.

For help choosing the right awning for your business contact Valle Signs and Awnings today.

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