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Banners for a Bold Trade Show Displays

If you walk through a trade show in any industry you will see banners being used in a multitude of ways that effectively generate traffic to booths, focus on product releases or advertise promotional offers as well as prop up and increase brand awareness. Banners are without a doubt one of the most functional advertising mediums that exhibitors can use because they are inexpensive, extremely flexible and you can have them made in an almost any size, color and style.

Regardless of if you plan to design your own graphics or hire a professional sign company to do the work there are some guidelines that should be followed to allow for the the most effective finished product you can get.

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Stay Consistent

The banners you create will be an extension of your company’s branding and image. The finished product should match the quality and pride you put into the work you do. You want to be certain that it is undoubtedly consistent with both your trade show booth as well as all your other marketing materials.

Moreover, before the final order is placed you should make sure that the size, design and verbiage used are OK for the convention or trade show that you’re using it for. Appealing to your target demographic and audience is crucial.

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Formating and Layout

Will you go vertical or the traditional horizontal? You want to use the layout that will fit in with both your booth and space at the event where it will be used. Take into consideration how you will be hanging the banner or if you will be mounting it onto a stand.

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What size should you use?

No matter what type of sign you have, when it comes to making an impact bigger is usually better. You want to find the right balance so that your message remains tasteful but still pops and draws attention from a distance. The size of your exhibit area will determine just how large you should design.

Professional sign companies will normally have a list of standard sizes that they offer to fit in the most frequently used booth sizes. If you have the budget or want to do something special you can have an over sized banner make to pack an extra punch.

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Focus on Simplicity

Make sure your design is as simple as possible. If you have too much going on your banner may attract attention but the people seeing may miss out on the specific message you’re trying to convey. You want the message itself to be the center of attention not the banner.

In order to be most effective banners at trade shows and conventions should be visually pleasing as well as easily legible and focused on a specific message.

4 Design Elements to Focus On:

  • Make your headline bold and keep it as short as possible
  • Use crisp clear and vivid photos or images.
  • Keep copy brief and to the point.
  • Make sure to include a call to action with your logo and tagline

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Clear Easy To Read Fonts

Choosing the right font is a critical step in designing a quality banner. Make sure the ones you choose are crisp, clear and simple. Font sizing depends on the banner size you choose to make and you want to make sure your vary the font sizes between titles, headlines and copy and also pay attention to line spacing so that onlookers can read it easily.

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Choosing the proper Colors

Choosing the right colors can play a very powerful role in the effectiveness of your banner.  The psychology behind it is well documented and has been utilized for decades by businesses of all sizes. The combination of certain colors can customers influence to spend, calm visitors down or just attract attention immediately. Use shades of blue and green for a calming effect. Dark shades like black, grays and whites to show a modern and classy style or orange and red to grab focus and attention. You don’t want to overuse bright colors though because they can distract from your overall message.

Brightly colored photos can be quite impressive too. After choosing what colors you will use, make sure that your background and the fonts used have the right contrast to increase the readability of the finished piece.

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The advantages of lighting

When used properly lighting can really focus and highlight the most crucial areas of your display. You can even utilized banner stands that come equipped with built in lighting. Another option is to buy or rent spotlights that can be shined onto your banner.

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