Impressive Vehicle Wraps & Fleet Graphics Will Help Build Your Brand!

Fleet Graphics have become a cost effective marketing solution for national, and local businesses alike. Many of our clients have discovered that other marketing strategies can be quite costly and ineffective, while vehicle graphics cost less and are far more beneficial. For example you can buy ad space in a newspaper that may or may not be noticed or you can choose more effective options such as fleet graphics that will be seen consistently.

Stretch you Marketing Budget!

As a matter of fact studies show that comparatively vehicle fleet graphics return the most views per dollar. You can turn cars, vans and trucks that your business is already using everyday into a fleet of traveling billboards that you can have advertising constantly in whatever cities or towns you choose.

Building Brands Collectively

Deciding on exactly how to brand your fleet requires a collective process between the sign company and customer. Valle Signs will go through a consultation process with each client to asses your needs and discover what you want for your brand and business marketing. If you are prepared to invest in new vinyl wraps, graphics or letters for your company we want to know:

  • Your intended goals for the business
  • Your planned time line for the wraps
  • Where does your fleet travel the most
  • The most important design elements to your business and branding

When you decide to go with fleet branding it is a good time to asses your current marketing and branding. Before taking the plunge you may want to update your logo, incorporate new colors or make upgrades or changes to old artwork. We make sure to target the areas that are most valuable to you so that the end result will help your business to flourish.

Focus on the Design!

The final design is the most crucial part of the process when trying to convey your message to the public. With a vehicle wrap you generally will only have seconds to grasp a viewers attention in a memorable way. This is why it is extremely important for all fleet graphics to:

  • Be extremely easy to read.
  • Use colors that are in line with your branding
  • Focus attention to your logo
  • Clearly communicate what you do
  • Have clear contact information.

When it comes to graphic design, fleet graphics are a very specific market so you want to make sure you are working with an experienced shop. Valle Signs has been helping businesses throughout Long Island, and New Your City for over a decade. Wrapping vehicles is one of our main focuses, and our team is ready to help brand your business.

Are Fleet Graphics Right For Your Business?

Fleet branding is a useful tool for any business to business or home service you can think of.

A few examples…

  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Home Repairs
  • Party Rentals
  • Power Washers
  • Landscaping
  • Computer Repair
  • Pet Services
  • Electrical

If you have dealt with vehicle wrap problems in the past you may be frustrated with the process. Thats why we feel it is so important to deal with a reputable and experienced company. Here at Valle Signs we take the time to make absolutely certain that your fleet graphics will fit exactly as they should and we always make sure to follow up to confirm you are happy with the final product.

Our Experienced technicians will make sure to avoid common issues such as:

  • Wrong Fit – It is important to make sure graphics and text are in the right places on your vehicles. Keeping text out of channels, door handles, wheel wells or windows is important.
  • Flow– When installing wraps on an entire fleet everything should look clean and uniform across every vehicle and remain consistent.
  • Poor Installation – Installing fleet graphics incorrectly can cause issues with lifting, peeling and bubbling.

If you aren’t already using graphic wraps for your companies vehicles now, adding them into your marketing budget can be a great way to further advertise your sales, services and promotions as well as generate buzz and increase your brand awareness locally.

Of course one of the great perks of using vinyl graphics and wraps on your company fleet is that they are so inexpensive when compared with other advertising mediums and they are easy to update and change. Additionally you can wrap a portion of the vehicle to show simple contact information or do a full wrap to really get creative with a branding message that will spark the curiosity of those who see it. Using high impact lettering and bright and vibrant images to push your message is a great idea.

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