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1. Vehicle Wraps Command Attention

Custom vehicle wraps help your business stand out from all the other vehicles on the road! Why continue driving around with a plain exterior when your car can be wrapped in a brightly colored and eye-catching design that will catch the attention of other drivers and pedestrians too. When you’re at a traffic light or sitting in a parking lot people’s eyes will focus on your vehicle instantly which will help to create a buzz about your brand in your community.

2. Increase your Market Reach

You can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people with your branding every month depending on how many vehicles are in your fleet and how frequently they’re on the road each day. With custom vehicle wraps from Valle Signs you can reach more people than with most other advertising. It’s like having a traveling bill board.

3. Custom Vehicle Wraps Aren’t Aggressive

Other types of ads such as radio or Internet pop-ups can be irritating. Custom vehicle wraps get attention without being a disturbance to potential customers. People can see your message easily without a major distraction. Most people actually enjoy looking at a well designed vehicle wrap.

4. Wherever You Go, Your Branding Goes Too

Your vehicle wrap travels to the eyes of new potential clients instead of having to wait around for people to see your TV commercial or newspaper ad. Custom designed vehicle wraps allow you to get in front of new customers on ever road that your fleet travels on. The potential lead generation this can create is enormous!

5. Cost Effective Advertising

Most traditional advertisements such as Billboards, newspaper ads, television etc.. come with reoccurring costs for the length of the contract. A vehicle wrap only has to be changed when you decide to do so. An initial investment is usually a fraction of what other long term ad campaigns can cost and will continue to generate new business for years.

6. Advertising Locally

When you use vehicle wraps to advertise you are targeting your local market whether you are driving through town or have your car or truck parked on the side of the road. The ones who will see your custom vehicle wrap the most are the ones in your community.

7. Protect Your Fleet

You can actually add a layer of protection to your vehicles exterior paint by utilizing a custom vehicle wrap. Weather fading, small dents, scratches and scuffs can be avoided and the wrap can be easily removed without damaging your paint. When it comes time to sell or trade in your car or truck it will be in better condition then if left out to the elements.

There are really no downsides to having a custom designed vehicle wrap installed by Valle Signs. Many business owners have said they recoup the investment from the large amount of brand exposure they receive. If you’re interested in standing out from your competition, custom vehicle graphics are a wise choice. Call us today to get a quote or get started on your new wrap 888-254-7322

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