How Valle Signs Designed and Installed IHOP’s Channel Letters for Maximum Visibility

As a fan of pancakes and breakfast food, you may have noticed a bold and bright illuminated sign at some IHOP locations that spells out the iconic restaurant’s name. This sign is called a channel letter, and it’s a popular choice for businesses looking to create a visually striking and memorable storefront. At Valle Signs, we were excited to design and install the new channel letters for several IHOP locations across the country. Here’s how we did it, and why channel letters are an effective choice for businesses.

What are channel letters?

Channel letters are three-dimensional letters that are crafted from metal, acrylic, or other durable materials. They’re typically illuminated from within, often with LED lighting, creating a bright and attention-grabbing effect. Channel letters are customizable, meaning they can be designed to match a business’s unique branding and aesthetic.

Why are channel letters effective for businesses?

There are several reasons why channel letters are a popular choice for businesses looking to create an eye-catching storefront. Here are a few:

  • Branding: A channel letter sign can be customized to match a business’s logo, colors, and fonts. This creates a cohesive visual identity that customers will associate with the brand.
  • Visibility: Channel letters are three-dimensional and illuminated, making them highly visible from a distance. This means that even if a potential customer is driving by at night, they’ll be able to see the sign and recognize the brand.
  • Durability: Because channel letters are made from sturdy materials and are often illuminated with long-lasting LED lights, they’re a durable and cost-effective investment for businesses.

How did Valle Signs design and install IHOP’s new channel letters?

When we worked with IHOP to design their new channel letters, we wanted to create a sign that would reflect the brand’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. We started by selecting a font that was easy to read and reflected the restaurant’s classic aesthetic. Then, we crafted the letters from high-quality aluminum and added bright LED illumination to ensure they would be visible day or night. Finally, we installed the letters in a prominent location on the storefront, ensuring maximum visibility for customers.

The result is a sign that showcases IHOP’s brand in a bold and memorable way. Whether customers are visiting for pancakes, omelets, or waffles, they’ll be drawn in by the bright and welcoming sign.

In conclusion, channel letters are a popular and effective choice for businesses looking to create a visually striking storefront. At Valle Signs, we were proud to work with IHOP to design and install their new channel letters, and we look forward to helping other businesses make a bold statement with their signage in the future. If you’re interested in channel letters for your business, contact Valle Signs today for a free consultation.

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