As a business owner you always want to make sure that your business is open and accessible to every one of your customers regardless of any disabilities they may have. The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA was passed in 1990 to address concerns disabled Americans were facing, and help provide guidance to business owners who are not compliant.

The ADA was put in place on a federal level in order to make sure that all people with disabilities are able to engage in the same daily activities safely. Things like going to the mall, eating out at restaurants, visiting theaters or museums and running basic errands like a trip to the bank or post office. These laws place requirements on businesses and property owners to provide visitors with “reasonable accommodations” to all people with disabilities. Things such as ramps at key entry points where necessary, restroom facilities and one that seems to often get overlooked – ADA Compliant Signage.

What is the purpose of ADA Compliant Signs

In order for a business sign to be ADA Compliant it needs to be made with tactile and high-contrast lettering and must be easy to read. The signs also feature braille lettering which are very important for customers who may have impaired vision or one of the nearly 3 million legally blind Americans in our country. ADA complaint signs will help these customers finding their way through your building once they get in the door.

What are the requirements for ADA Compliant Signs?

Temporary signage that will only be used for less than seven days are exempt from ADA requirements but any room inside of your building that is a permanent space must meet some specific requirements. Restrooms, exits, elevators and stairwells and lunchrooms or cafeterias must all be marked with ADA compliant signage. Once you obtain the proper signage it is also important to make sure that it is properly installed. ADA requirements specify that tactile copy must have a baseline mount of 60 inches at it’s highest and 48 inches at it’s lowest point. Any signage that is placed beside a door has to be placed on the wall closest to the latch side of the door. If there are double doors in the facilities, signage has to be mounted on the right side of a right handed door.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a very detailed set of regulations and these are only a few examples. It is crucial that you hire a professional sign company that is well versed in ADA Compliance to avoid issues down the road. Valle Signs is here to answer any questions you may have about ADA Compliance and business signs.

You can be compliant and still keep your style.

Getting signage that is both compliant and stylish isn’t impossible. Valle Signs can manufacture signage that meet ADA requirements and still maintains your businesses existing style and image. Luckily there isn’t a single specific style that you have to use so there is a lot of flexibility to be creative.

With the added value of being able to do business with all potential customers, having custom designed ADA compliant signs presents your company as one that cares about the needs of everyone in the community. Something that seems small can be a big deal to others and many people with disabilities decide where to buy based on how easy it is for them to get into your building. Making people feel welcomed and comfortable goes a long way toward building lasting relationships.

It can be a tricky and often confusing job to deal with all the ADA signage requirements but when you have the peace of mind knowing that your business is compliant and following the law it makes your customers feel like you care.

Valle Signs has been assisting customers throughout New York and Long Island with ADA Compliant Signs for many years. If you would like more information on bringing your business signs up to code call us today at 888-254-7322.

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