For many businesses modern brightly light signs and flashing signage is either not an option due to zoning restrictions or it’s just not in line with their personal style or tastes. Whatever the reason may be, occasionally a more subdued or classic design style is desired. The perfect solution are carved business signs by Valle Signs Corp. Carved business signs provide customers with a timeless and classic look that will fit into any village or development perfectly and last indefinitely.

How are carved signs made?

Sandblasted and carved signs are usually constructed from cedar or with high density urethane (HDU). Either material is a wonderful choice and will look fantastic when completed but high density urethane tends to last longer when properly cared for. It doesn’t suffer from rot or potential insect infestation and is unaffected by drastic weather changes. HDU can even be made to look like real wood and in many areas it is much easier to obtain then cedar which is susceptible to shortages. Regardless of the materials you choose using sandblasted and carved signs help to give your business the warmth and welcoming feel of a small local mom & pop shop.

Stay consistent with your area.

In many areas throughout Long Island, and New York City flashy and brightly lit signs are not allowed due to zoning regulations. This is especially common in historic downtown districts that prefer to maintain the original look of the neighborhood. Carved or sandblasted signs are the perfect solution for these situations and often make getting your permits a lot easier. Visibility can be increased with the addition of some lighting if you are concerned with passersby not being able to see your sign.

Whats the process?

Although many consider the process of sign carving to be an art form with a variety of different techniques being used by different shops the general idea involves blasting a high pressure spray of sand or similarly abrasive material onto a board to remove sections of the surface until your logo or artwork is etched onto the surface.

Carved Business Signs Make an impression

The majority of business signs today are light-box or channel letter styles. By using a more classic carved wood type of sign you can stand out from competition and make a lasting first impression. People are often drawn to the natural attraction of classically designed wooden signage

Create Custom Designed Carved & Routed Signs

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