Commercial awnings have been a useful tool for business owners for as long as market places have existed.

You can go all the way back to the ancient times of the early Egyptians and find examples of shops using knit rugs, mats and cloth over entryways to provide some relief for their customers from the hot desert sun. Fast forward several centuries and commercial awnings are still beneficial to this very day.

They improve the curb appeal of your business which can entice passersby to visit. They offer additional advertising space to increase branding awareness and can increase the value of your property while continuing to provide shelter and respite to customers from inclement weather.

As soon as you make the decision to add an awning to your commercial property you will quickly learn that there are quite a few options to choose from. Different styles, colors and fabrics as well as what your final design will look like are all things to consider.

1. Entryway Awnings

Commercial Awnings - Entryway

One of the most frequently used awning styles that can be found throughout your neighborhood in a wide range of designs is the entryway awning. You’ll see small ones over windows or used for decorative purposes there are also more boxy looking ones with fixed frame and sloped awnings that provide more protection from the elements.

Other types of entryway awnings include convex, domed,elongated dome, open wing and several others. The entryway is the best place for a commercial awning because it can easily maximize brand recognition

2. Pathway Awnings

Commercial Awnings - Pathway

Pathway awnings are a special type of entryway awning because they are much longer and normally cover a walkway or outdoor stairwell. If your business’s entrance is a long distance from the curb your visitors will be grateful to have a sheltered path to your door on days when the weather is less agreeable.

3. Window Awnings

Commercial Awnings - Window

Window awnings have two primary purposes – to increase curb appeal and tie together the overall style of a property with an existing entryway awning.  Using window awnings can also help to reduce energy bills by reducing the amount of UV light from the sun and keeping the interior cooler. 

4. Patio Awnings

Commercial Awnings - Patio

In a business setting using an awning over a patio, outdoor dining area or smoking area can create a very inviting and comfortable space where your visitors can gather. Patio awnings are very popular at bars and restaurants, and can be installed with retractable arms so they can be pulled back when not in use and require very little maintenance service besides regular cleaning.

5. Standalone Awnings

Commercial Awnings - StandaloneStandalone awnings are not connected to a main building and using them is a great way to create an area outside where one may not have existed previously. You can use this awning syle for areas where people lineup, smoking shelters away from the main building and more. This type of awning is a wonderful way to increase your customer’s experience.

6. Interior Awnings

Commercial Awnings - Interior / Indoor There are some occasions where a business owner will want to install interior awnings on the inside of their property. A few good examples of when these will be used are when the business is inside of a mall or flea market, in restaurants, bars as well as theaters and grocery stores. Adding commercial awnings to your businesses interior can add a dramatic effect to your sales floor or counter areas.

Regardless of whatever type of awning style you finally choose or have custom designed, you always want to make sure you hire a professional and experienced awning company that will get the job done right the first time. Valle Signs has been providing awning services to customers both large and small for years and we are here to assist you with any questions you may have. Contact us today to get started on upgrading your business with some new awnings.

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