Which Digital Printing Services Will Work Best For You?

You spent a lot of time thinking about your business identity. From a company slogan and logo to the specific color palette, getting it right can take weeks, months or even years. Once you do many people will ask “What next?” Deciding exactly how to get your brand working for you in a successful marketing campaign can be confusing. With the power of the Internet growing almost daily many business owners will put the majority of their focus and attention on that area. However it is printed materials that are the foundation of most branding efforts. Digitally printed materials put your brand directly in in the hands of your ideal customers. Read on for four traditional digital printing ideas you can mix into your current marketing plan or use them to get started on a new one.

Direct Mailers

The best part of doing mail campaigns is it places your advertising directly into your customers homes. Direct mail marketing can be anything from a basic postcard or color flyer to catalogs and more. Doing repetitive mailings is a good way to continually keep your brand in front of your customer’s eyes. A person may not respond immediately but if they constantly see your brand they will be more likely to contact you when the need your services.

Point-of-sale displays

Many of our retail customers use digital printing for point of sale display items. They are a wonderful marketing tool because your potential customers will take them home voluntarily. You can use brochures, pamphlets or coupons. If you have a restaurant you can create an attractive menu.


You can have a lot of fun with stickers and really let your imagination run wild. The great thing about stickers is they can be placed on virtually any surface. If you have an interesting sticker idea that you know customers will love then you’re already a step ahead! Having stickers with your logo to hand out to customers or place in a products box are both ways businesses use stickers effectively.


Posters are a favorite tool for many business marketers. They allow you to bend many “rules” in a variety of ways. They’re imaginative, bold, hip and can generate a lot of varied emotions. Some poster designs create excitement such as music or event posters for example. Others are filled with a wealth of useful information. The key to great poster design is balance between all aspects from headline and copy to images and logos. It is also important to know your audience and the product or service you are promoting.

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