Professionally Designed Indoor Signage Is Important!

The importance of effective interior signage cannot be understated. From counter displays to large illuminated lettering and vinyl banners every business needs signs. They act as both a guide for visitors (Cookies on aisle 10!) and also have a huge impact on customer mood. Imagine walking into a strange grocery store and there being no signs anywhere or going to a restaurant with no signs for the bathroom. Both situations would leave most people feeling confused. When planning on having signs designed you want to focus on where you will be placing them, the design focus, keeping your message short and plan to change them as frequently as possible. Having well placed and professionally designed signs will not only help increase sales but it will also help to retain existing customers as well.

Interior Signs Deserve A Great Location!

Getting a great sign and then hanging it in the wrong spot is a waste of valuable resources. You want it to be seen by every customer that enters your doors. Indoor marketing should be placed at eye level when possible but it’s not completely necessary. Sometimes overhead placement can work like aisle signs at supermarkets for example or large posters mounted from the ceiling. ADA compliant signs however, have a very specific set of guidelines that must be followed.

Custom Interior Signage Will Create A Wow Factor

Be bold be brave! Nobody likes a boring sign.. Use bright colors, eye-catching graphics and go big, but also keep it simple with large font choices that are easy to read and a visually appealing contrast. When choosing color palettes consider your other branding and logos. Research combinations used by large well known brands. Think of how all the signage is tied together when you walk into a large department store like Target. They focus on red-and-white while Whole Food’s uses a lot of Green and earth tones. You can really set a mood and strengthen your image with well thought out signage.

Keep Your Signage Simple

Especially in this day and age of mass media consumption it is important that you keep your indoor signs message short and sweet (Like a tweet!) . You just want to grasp their attention for a moment with an easy to read blurb that they can quickly remember and move on. You also want the reader to gain some benefit from reading your sign if possible (FREE Cookies!)

Variety is the Spice of Life!

When designing your interior signage try and budget so that you can create several versions of the same project. This way you can switch them up for different seasons or holidays. Everyone loves a little variety from time to time and regular customers will appreciate a little change.

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