Outdoor Dining Season is almost here!

It may not seem like it right now, but the outdoor dining season is rapidly approaching. Diners will start frequenting establishments who offer outdoor seating options. As a restaurateur you want to make sure your guests are offered the best experience possible so that you can capitalize on the warm weather. Our custom branded patio enclosures are cost effective solution that your guests are sure to talk about.  They are also far less expensive then traditional brick and mortar construction. By adding a patio enclosure you can extend your outdoor season for many months and also shield guests from any potential inclement weather that may pass through your area like the well known “April Showers”.

Patio Enclosures Are Better For Business!

With an enclosure over your outdoor space you don’t have to worry about losing valuable tables to rain or colder then usual temps which can happen at any time here in the North East. Professionally designed and installed patio enclosures can quickly achieve the ambiance of your indoor seating areas. The addition of lighting and heat elements can have a huge impact. On hotter than normal days the enclosure can be connected to your indoor air conditioning system. You can choose to have roll up or removable window panels as well to make things more airy and open on pleasant days. Our branded enclosures are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. They can even be printed with your custom artwork and designs. We also design smaller enclosures to protect entryways, and keep the interior of your restaurant cool on hot summer days.

Valle Signs Can Help

Contact us today for a consultation and we can get started on a new branded enclosure for your restaurant or business. You can also call us toll free at 888-254-7322. We look forward to hearing from you. Visit us on FACEBOOK

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