Impressive Commercial Sign Design Requires An Experienced Team

In this day and age when we think of advertising many people automatically have online marketing in mind. Although those methods have become extremely important, when it comes down to really establishing your business’s presence and gaining attention within the community you serve, sometimes it is best to focus on the tried and true value of a traditional outdoor commercial sign.

A large national study was conducted not long ago and according to the results the vast majority of small-business owners regardless of age all agree that storefront signs are incredibly effective in generating new business.

In the same survey over five hundred small businesses were polled throughout the United States and it showed that younger business owners were very keen on creative and elaborate commercial sign design while their older counterparts mostly preferred more basic/simple signage. So it seems everyone agrees that signs work but the way they look is debatable. Regardless of your preferred style, good sign design will play a big role in your local marketing efforts.

What Makes An Effective Commercial Sign?

In order to get the most out of your commercial sign the directors at The International Sign Association believe in three key principles of design that should be followed by business owners when creating signs for their commercial properties.

1. Irresistible Colors. – Your color choices will have an enormous role in your signs effectiveness. Think of some household names like Coke, McDonald’s, or Home Depot. Most people can tell you immediately what colors each brand is associated with. As you can see color alone can dictate your branding. Research by the Institute of Color Research shows that “people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.”

Another item to consider when making palette choices is whether or not to use “trendy” colors. You always want to be very careful when making these decisions. A color or shade that is popular today may be considered an eyesore later. For example – How many fluorescent signs can you think of? It’s probably close to zero.

2. Contrast is key – Readability is an enormous factor to consider when coming up with your design. That is why contrast is incredibly important to get right when creating any business sign. The majority of signage will have a continuous background color with a mix of text and graphics. Having a proper contrast between all of these items is critical so that potentials customers can not only read your information but also retain it.

3. Size actually does matter. – To put it in the simplest of terms – The bigger the letter is, the easier it is to read. This is important to keep in mind and especially if you are designing commercial signs to be used on roads or that need to be seen from a great distance. Different fonts can also have an effect on experienced in working with different formats, and materials.readability. You may want to use a fancy script or edgy looking graffiti typeface to go perfectly with your desired image but keep in mind that those styles may be difficult to read from far away.

If you are looking for a professional to assist with these decisions that can help you every step of the way please consider calling Valle Signs and Awnings today. We’re family owned and operated and are experienced in working with different formats, and material as well as a wide array of styles. Corporate Office: 55 Decker St, Copiague NY 11726 (516) 408-3440 Visit us on Facebook

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